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“A picture is worth a thousand words.”
~ Anonymous

I collect stories for a living. It’s a passion that probably started in fifth grade. I was fascinated by the stories I read in history class about real people and how they lived and what they did that shaped the way we live today. In college, my interest was fueled by a professor who made history come alive. Not only did his lectures make me a good listener, they made me hungry for more stories.

Life has convinced me that everyone has a story. Not all of them make the history books, but to the people who live them, they are no less important.

“A picture is a poem without words.”
~ Confucius

Often, I record audio stories; they require equipment and time and arranged schedules with storytellers, but my true passion is collecting the moments of these stories, and this I do with my camera.

What have I learned from these picture stories? That life is funny and somber and joyful and quiet and ridiculous and elegant and tender and always always a source of wonder…and so much of it goes unnoticed. But these little instances captured with my camera—the kid and his dad playing catch after the rainstorm, the weary deliveryman, the dancers, the boots on the fence posts, the carefully arranged lawn chairs, the lazy cattle on a hot summer day, the old cars and the motorcycles, and the people who drive them...ah, yes--these are the stories…and for me, it’s always been about the story.

“A photograph should be a good story.”
~ Cheri Lomonte

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